Olymp Trade - CPA - [PH,TH,SG,BH,KW,OM,LB,TR]

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Offer Name: Olymp Trade - CPA - [PH,TH,SG,BH,KW,OM,LB,TR]
Payout: $48.00 / cpa
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Categories: Finance
Network: Encyl Digital
Last Updated: Sep 08, 2021
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Olymp Trade - CPA - [PH,TH,SG,BH,KW,OM,LB,TR]

Landing pages contain information about options trading.

Paid action – a new user making a deposit (FTD).

The minimum possible deposit is $10 for all countries, except the CIS. In the CIS, a minimum deposit of 350 rubles is available.

When using the default tracking link from the offer, traffic will be directed according to the IP click and user agent to landing pages in the corresponding language or to the Play Market in the corresponding language.

Current rates are always available at: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vBbqi9zbFd44V9kQcA9zfza7PhfQ0dLcjgsRjWsHIVc/edit#gid=0

Reconciliations for traffic are performed once per month at the end of the reporting period (between the 1st and 5th of the new month for the previous month).

The offer contains 2 types of conversions: Registration of a new user and FTD (First Time Deposit).

Registrations are not confirmed registrations of new traders. This type of conversion is not paid. It's used for the initial assessment of traffic “activity”. In our system, the status of this type of conversion is always listed as Pending.

The status of FTD conversions in the statistics is listed as Approved. This is done for more convenient visualization of statistics so that registrations and FTDs are in different columns and are not combined into one.

We use a self-written anti-fraud system that analyzes more than 100 product metrics and evaluates user behavior on the platform. For each partner and their sub-source, a fraud indicator with a value from 0 to 120 is calculated for them. The borderline value is 70. When you reach this value, your affiliate manager will notify you that the anti-fraud system was triggered and ask you to suspend traffic until the reason for the high fraud value is determined.

Upon reaching a value of 90 to 120, your affiliate manager will warn you about such traffic and it will need to stop. This traffic will not be paid and will be manually moved to the status of Declined. We do not accept incentive traffic, “misleads”, and fraud. More information about acceptable traffic sources can be found below in the Traffic section.

To receive payments, a partner must initiate the payment process themselves (send an invoice by mail) and notify their manager about the mailing of the invoice.

Product flow - After clicking on the tracking link, the user is directed either to the landing page, the Play Market when using an Android device, or to the App Store when using an iOS device.

Once on the landing page, the user registers and goes to the trading platform where they are able to make their first deposit. The trading platform is a type of self-conversion, which entails the presence of special tools encouraging the new user to make a deposit.

If directed to the App Store, the user installs the app and then must use it to register and make their first deposit in line with desktop traffic.



100% ROI



Traffic sources

Web sites




Context AD


Brand Context AD


Teaser/banner AD


Social networks: targeted AD


Social networks: publics, games, applications




Mobile traffic






Incent traffic


Encyl Digital

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Payment Threshold: $100
Payment Terms: Weekly (if you qualify), NET 30
Payment Methods: Wire Transfer, Payoneer, Paypal & Bitcoin