Amazon $100 Gift Card Sweepstake - Mobile/Desktop [US] SOI (on approve)

Offer Details:

Offer Name: Amazon $100 Gift Card Sweepstake - Mobile/Desktop [US] SOI (on approve)
Payout: $2.40 / cpl
Preview: Preview Landing Page
Categories: Sweepstakes SOI
Network: Cpamatica
Last Updated: Jun 25, 2022
Countries: US
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Amazon $100 Gift Card Sweepstake - Mobile/Desktop [US] SOI (on approve)

Restrictions: no adult, no SMS, no incent traffic. 18+ users only.
All creatives must be approved before sending traffic.

Creative Guidelines:

Can not:

Use the words Free/Won/Win/Winner/Gift or any verbiage that implies the user does not have to purchase anything or has won something

Imply that only one user is selected to receive the reward daily

Use Fake Testimonials

Use Countdown clocks

Unless the offer disappears at the end of the countdown
Use photos that Advertiser or the Publisher does not own the rights to for the testimonials

Ie: No celebrity photos
Imply there is a limited quantity available

Imply that additional steps are not needed to redeem/get reward

Alter the content of a testimonial

Ie: Words cannot be changed


Use verbiage such as “Reward”, “Offer” and “Bonus”

Use Real Testimonials

Use Count UP clocks

Use Countdown clocks if the offer disappears when the clock hits zero

Use stock photo’s that Advertiser or the Publisher own the rights to for the testimonials

When using a testimonial, the verbiage may be shorten but the content itself cannot be altered. Ie: Words cannot be changed


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