My HVAC Now (Fixed Rate)

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Offer Name: My HVAC Now (Fixed Rate)
Payout: $8.00 / pay per call
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Categories: HVAC / Pay Per Call
Network: RingPartner
Last Updated: May 24, 2022
Countries: US
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My HVAC Now (Fixed Rate)
-This campaign is for callers who would like to be connected with qualified experts who are able to help discuss the best possible options in all things heating, ventilation and air conditioning.
-Talk about a good way to save money, heating + air conditioning sound expensive.
-Campaigns performance is based on monthly listing strength so you will see performance change throughout the month.

-By applying to this campaign, you agree to promote it in accordance with the RingPartner Terms & Conditions which you agreed to.
-Reminder to send inbound calls only, absolutely no warm or cold transfers are permitted, no brand bidding, no rewards and no incentive.
-This campaign does not accept Auto HVAC inquiries.
-Please speak with the Partner Success Team if you have any questions about specific Promo Types.

$8.00 per call when connect_duration > 100


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