(7)(EXCLUSIVE) Background - People Searcher - $1 Trial (US)

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Offer Name: (7)(EXCLUSIVE) Background - People Searcher - $1 Trial (US)
Payout: $16.50 / cpa
Preview: No Preview Available
Categories: Everything Else
Network: Envyus Media
Last Updated: Nov 30, 2023
Countries: US
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Background - PeopleSearcher - $1 Trial (US) Conversion Point: Upon valid credit card submittal for $1 trial. ALLOWED TRAFFIC TYPES: Contextual, Display, Mobile, PPC, PPV, SEO, Social Media REQUIREMENTS: ALL FCRA restrictions/requirements are to be met in full or returns or nonpayment may occur. NETWORKS: Append SUB Affiliate ID's using the &s5=##### PREPOP: FNAME + LNAME SETUP: &ui_fname=&ui_lname=&ui_state=&skip=true EXAMPLE: &ui_fname=john&ui_lname=smith&ui_state=CA&skip=true FULL NAME SET UP: &process_ui_fullname= &ui_state=<2 letter state> &skip=true (this skips the landing page and goes to the search animation) I.E. "...&process_ui_fullname=Bob_Marley&ui_state=CA&skip=true" RESTRICTIONS: No Email, Incentivized, SMS traffic. No SEM bidding on trademarked terms (“Private Records”). No SEM bidding on trademarked terms (“Private Records”). REQUIREMENTS: ALL FCRA restrictions/requirements are to be met in full or returns or nonpayment may occur. Affiliate shall not Market, nor cause it's Affiliates to Market the Offer in the following manner: i. Market the Offer to mfake decisions about employment, admission, consumer credit, insurance, tenant screening or any other purpose that would require FCRA compliance. ii. Generated users or visitors to the Offer using methods other than Media Type specified in the IO, or listed here in this offer card. iii. Violate any laws or regulations governing (i) false or deceptive advertising, (ii) sweepstakes, or (iii) gambling; iv. Contain any trade disparagement or libelous, defamatory or infringing content; v. Contain any machine-readable code that could be unintentionally downloaded onto a recipient’s computer (such as a worm, virus, Trojan Horse or other self-executing program) and damage or takeover recipient’s computer; vi. Offer incentives to users to click on Ads or complete offers that award them cash, points, prizes or automatically enter them into contests, drawings or sweepstakes; vii. Posting ads of any kind on Craigslist.org viii. Advertising on any site with adult, religious, gambling, or alcohol-related content, or content that disparages or threatens violence against people based on any of the following: race, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation is prohibited. ix. Obtaining or using domain names that are misspellings or variations of People Searcher Websites. x. Typo-squatting and bidding on trademarks and domains in any media xi. Violate any terms identified in the Special Terms or Restrictions section of any current and future IOs or listed in this offer card. xii. Imply any types of affiliation with People Searcher, other than as specifically outlined in this Agreement. xiii. Marketing to People Searcher Members. Affiliates shall not contact, and shall not cause any Affiliate or third party to contact, any end-user via email, phone or any other methods once such end user signs up for the People Searcher Offer and becomes a registered customer of People Searcher (“People Searcher Member”).

Envyus Media

The Envyus Media team is both dedicated and committed to providing highest level of service to all of our clients. Whether this entails striving to provide the utmost quality and targeted traffic for our Advertisers or just going above and beyond what.s considered normal in helping our affiliates, we always do what it takes. Always. Thanks to our vast array of tools, resources and years upon years of knowledge fueling us, we can further focus on what.s most important to us as a company: a consistent, continued level of the highest customer service imaginable. Many networks like to claim that they can provide the best services and results to their advertisers and affiliates, but many never truly back up what they say. Our expertise in the technical realm combined with our extensive knowledge of affiliate marketing help make it easy for us to achieve favorable results for our clients. It also helps make it easier for us to focus on what matters . which is whatever necessary at any given moment for our advertisers and affiliates. In short, not only do we talk the talk, we also walk the walk. And you're always right there, walking along with us!

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