Pest Reject - IT

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Offer Name: Pest Reject - IT
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Last Updated: Dec 04, 2022
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Pest Reject - IT

Description: Pest Reject Ultrasonic Insect Repellent is a new high-tech electronic product. It uses sweeping high-frequency ultrasonic circuit, resulting in 20~55khz sweeping ultrasound. Mosquitoes, cockroach lang, mice, mites and other pests should be repelled by the ultrasonic waves produced by! The frequency of Pest Reject is harmless to human body and other large animals. This product can be used in warehouses, shops, hotels, hospitals, offices, rooms, gardens, hotels of 80-120 square meters. The best effect is reached in the radius of 80 square meters. To improve the effect, Pest Reject should be installed in each room.

Directions: Pest Reject should be installed 80-120 cm above the floor. It should be placed vertical to the floor and plugged in to the power socket. Make sure that Pest Reject is not obstructed by furniture or electrical appliances when in use, since ultrasonic waves cannot penetrate through doors, walls or furniture. It's normal that mice and vermin might appear in the first days of using PEST REJECT. They will be disturbed by the ultrasound, therefore leaving their habitats. Pest Reject can be plugged directly to AC 220V (or 110V) power socket. (Power range: AC110V-230V, Frequency: 50HZ-60HZ). Please be careful for AC power used.

Warnings: Do not use in rooms with rodent pets! Not intended for outdoor use! Do not use this product at high temperatures or in damp environment. And do not put it in water or other liquid. Don't clean the machine by damp or wet cloth. Use dry and soft cloth to clean the machine. Avoid damaging or dropping the machine. In case of damage, stop using.


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