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Offer Name: EKTA WW CPS
Payout: 26.00% / Revenue Share
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Categories: Insurance
Network: SalesDoubler
Last Updated: Sep 27, 2022
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EKTA - Travel insurance – an insurance product that is sold to tourists who travel outside the country of permanent residence. This type of insurance covers the medical expenses of the tourist around the world.
The proposed insurance product fully covers COVID-19.

Payout for a paid insurance policy - 26% of the sale amount.

There is a discount for customers on the EKTA WW CPS offer!

  • 37% for the countdown period of the timer.
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There is a promotion for webmasters on the EKTA WW CPS offer: for the first earned 5000 UAH. get an additional 500 UAH!

GEO: All countries except Russia, and Belarus.


  • Age from 25 to 60 years
  • Income: average+
  • Occupation - mental labor or technical specialists; business owners, appointed business leaders, middle managers
  • They are not conservative in their lifestyle
  • Positive attitude towards foreign culture, religion, lifestyle
  • The nature of tourist trips – at least once a year they leave the territory of the state where they live on a permanent basis. Most often these are not package tours (all inclusive), but business or pleasure trips abroad for short periods of time and back. During the trip, several cities / countries are visited, these can be weekend tours, business trips, exhibitions, conferences, internships, etc.
  • Certificate
  • Licenses

Benefits of the affiliate program:

  • Covers COVID-19
  • Quick and easy shopping
  • Maximum transparent insurance conditions
  • Easy choice between cheap and minimum options or more expensive and maximum content
  • Competitive price – which is better than discounts
  • Purchasing insurance 24/7
  • Tourist support 24/7 around the world in three languages: English, Ukrainian, Russian
  • Possibility to buy insurance right at the border with activation on the day of purchase
  • High-quality service for tourists
  • The possibility of contacting tourists not only by phone, but also via Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram
  • Availability of the page for purchase from anywhere in the world
  • Instant tourist identification by policy number
  • Quick payouts provided that the tourist paid for the treatment himself
  • Suitable for crossing the border and obtaining a visa
  • Boarding card in Ukrainian, Russian and English (it is possible to expand languages).

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