Kubota - PL (PL), [CPS], Fashion, Shoes, Sell, shop, gift

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Offer Name: Kubota - PL (PL), [CPS], Fashion, Shoes, Sell, shop, gift
Payout: 2.24% / cps
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Categories: Fashion / Shoes
Network: MyLead
Last Updated: Apr 19, 2021
Countries: PL
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Kubota - PL (PL), [CPS], Fashion, Shoes, Sell, shop, gift
After filling the niche for cheap and comfortable footwear, Kubota has become a cult brand over time, and the phrase "Kubota is not flip-flops, it's a lifestyle" entered the colloquial language. Over the years, Kubota flip-flops have become a phenomenon. Present in countless memes, songs and one-of-a-kind stylizations, they released the most wonderful and often underestimated features of Poles: fantasy and creativity. To climb Śnieżka, get married or run a marathon in Kubota? Why not! The world discovered what Poles have always felt at the end of the second decade of the 21st century, when flip-flops in a set with socks began to conquer the streetwear and fashion world from Los Angeles to Tokyo.


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