MiSolvencia ES CPL

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Offer Name: MiSolvencia ES CPL
Payout: $2.14 / cpl
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Network: Leadbit
Last Updated: Oct 06, 2022
Countries: ES
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MiSolvencia ES CPL

MiSolvencia ES CPL 

Description of your company: MiSolvencia helps customers in Spain find the loan they need, when and where they need it


- From 100€ to 10.000€

- Up to 12 months

Type of the advertisement campaign:CPL Qualified/accepted lead [SOI]

Description of the accepted action: Costumer needs to fill in the 1 page registration form.
Description of the reasons, for which the action may be declined:  Not a real person, duplicate, fraudulent details. Duplicate, problems in the information introduced or simply not accepted

Geotargeting:  ES

Accepted traffic sources: e-mail, display, sms, Context AD, Social networks: targeted AD

Forbidden traffic sources: adult, incentive, server, bot, Brand Context AD,

Strictly forbidden:

- Using our brands on Google Ads (brand bidding)

- Using our brands on the ad copy.

- Using our brands on the domain.

- Not disclosing who is the company responsible for the domain or newsletter


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- Simple lead forms
- Stable and high payouts
- Testing and optimization promo
- Your personal manager helps you with any question

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