Upgrades4MyHome (US) (CPL) (SOI)

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Offer Name: Upgrades4MyHome (US) (CPL) (SOI)
Payout: $3.50 / CPL
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Categories: CPL / SOI
Network: Zylux Media
Last Updated: Aug 07, 2022
Countries: US
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Upgrades4MyHome (US) (CPL) (SOI)


NO Incentivized Traffic (Unless Specified)
NO Craigslist Traffic
NO Backpage Traffic
NO Blogger Traffic
NO BlogSpot Traffic
NO Adult Traffic - (Unless Specified)
NO Trademark Infringement - (Search Traffic)
NO Spam - (Must be CANSPAM compliant for Email Traffic)
NO Copyrighted Materials Allowed
NO Pirated Content
NO Fake/Misleading Campaigns
NO Spamming, Craigslist Baiting
NO use of the word “Free” or implying the user has “Won”
NO Forced Installs, No Malware, No Spyware
NO Forced Clicks
NO Fake Pop Unders or Overs
NO Auto Redirects
NO Bots

Incent traffic is prohibited.

There is no OS restriction. We accept all types of traffic as long as there is no fraud.

Zylux Media

Zylux Media is a Digital Advertising Agency/Affiliate Network, we focus on providing high converting offers to our affiliate with the best payout, weekly payout and also on Net-basis with transparency.

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