Cleaning Services (Variable Rate)

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Offer Name: Cleaning Services (Variable Rate)
Payout: $0.00 / flat
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Last Updated: Sep 16, 2021
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Cleaning Services (Variable Rate)


This campaign is looking for callers who are interested in finding a commercial or home cleaning service including: janitorial services, office cleaning, maid services, garbage collection and carpet cleaning.

Compliance Guidelines:

-By applying to this campaign, you agree to promote it in accordance with the RingPartner Terms & Conditions which you agreed to

-No rewards / incentive traffic

-No brand bidding

-Do not target specific cleaning companies 

-No lead form / co-reg  

-No SMS traffic

-No email traffic

-Please speak with the Partner Success Team if you have any questions about specific Promotional Methods

Targeting Ideas & Suggestions:

-Make sure to target big US cities - smaller, rural areas will not have coverage

-Emphasize the relief that will come from using a maid service, or removing unwanted garbage

-Additional target market outside homeowners: Realtors - either for home staging, or for moving cleans

-Also target small business who are looking for regular janitorial services

-Highlight how good you'll feel in a clean office or home!

Please note: The target region is “All US” however, there may not be complete coverage for all zip codes. Please speak with the Partner Success Team for more information on the specific geo-coverage of this campaign.


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