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Last Updated: Jun 28, 2022
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Tiqets US

Tiqets is on a mission to find and share more ways to culture. We help travel & culture enthusiasts find museums & attractions all over the world, and offer them amazing experiences. With an extensive catalogue of tickets to attractions and museums across the globe, from the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam to the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, Tiqets has something for everyone.

The innovative technology behind Tiqets ensures that people can book tickets on their devices at the last minute, receive their tickets in digital format directly on their devices, and access museums, and attractions, and more just by showing their ticket barcode.

How Tiqets makes visiting museums & attractions easier 

Tiqets has direct partnerships with museums and attractions all around the world. By offering mobile tickets, we make it easier for people to enjoy culture on the go – who wants to spend their holiday looking for a printer to print their tickets? 

We make it quick and easy to buy tickets to a museum or attraction for the same day. Customers can skip the ticketing queue and buy tickets directly on their phones, getting them faster access to the places they want to visit. 

For some venues, Tiqets offers skip-the-line tickets, so that customers don’t have to wait in lines for hours. Instead they can spend their time wandering through the Louvre at their leisure, taking pictures from the top of the Empire State Building or experiencing a thrilling ride at Universal Studios Singapore.

  • Finally, a revenue-generating model for tickets to the biggest attractions and museums that don’t have an affiliate program themselves
  • Hundreds of attractions on offer worldwide
  • A complete overview of a city: museums, attractions, zoos, tours & cruises;  basically anything you would need a ticket for
  • A unique proposition with instant tickets and “mobile” entry
  • Unbeatable deals
  • Refundable tickets
  • A huge amount of possibilities on the site, with landing pages for countries, regions, cities, attractions, exhibitions, packages, bundles and of course deeplinks to products
  • A trusted platform. Tiqets website is available in 11 languages, just like our customer service. We continuously improve our website, which results in a high-converting booking flow. The site is responsive and works great on all mobile phones and tablets.

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