Electricians | 24/7 | Zip Code Targeting **experience required**

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Offer Name: Electricians | 24/7 | Zip Code Targeting **experience required**
Payout: $30.00 / lead
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Categories: Electrician / Home Services / Pay Per Call
Network: eLocal
Last Updated: Apr 14, 2021
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Electricians | 24/7 | Zip Code Targeting **experience required**
We are looking for experienced pay per call affiliates to reach callers that need an ELECTRICIAN. Payout will depend on geo, quality, type of call, and duration, with a max payout of over $30 per call. Targeting 24/7 ** specific zip code targeting will be provided identifying where the highest payouts are ** Campaign Restrictions None of the following are permitted: incentivized traffic, discount/coupon sites, co-reg, email blasts, SMS, outbound call centers or Craigslist. For search based campaigns, do NOT use dynamic insertion aside from geography and do NOT target individual business names or competitors. Avoid all language and keywords related to pricing including 'low cost', 'cheap' or 'free estimates'. Do not make superlative claims such as 'best', 'most qualified', etc. Do not mislead the consumer into thinking you are providing these services. All content should be about helping to connect the consumer to a local contractor. All content should be generic in nature and the name should be generic or the affilite's own lead gen brand. Specific negative keywords for this campaign will be provided upon acceptance.


We Buy Calls & Web Form Leads
We are able to accept live calls with our in-house US based call center or through category specific IVRs, where they are intelligently routed directly to our advertisers. Our platform also supports web form leads using ping post technology.

eLocal Proprietary Technology
eLocal has direct relationships with thousands of local, regional and national service providers looking for phone calls and web form leads. Combined with hundreds of affiliate partners, the proprietary eLocal platform creates one of the largest, most efficient networks to monetize calls and leads

Maximum Payouts
Since we work directly with local, regional and national businesses, you maximize your payouts by working directly with us. We are able to structure partnerships based on fixed prices, dynamic prices, or revenue share.

Trusted Partner
In business since 2007, we have been a trusted and valued partner to thousands of local businesses and affiliates. We are a BBB accredited business with and A+ rating.

Becoming an Affiliate
Joining our partner network is simple. We have a standard, straightforward API and contract to get started. Please fill out our Affiliate Interest Form below and we will reach out to you to get started.

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