E-File.com Tax US I Incent CPA

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Offer Name: E-File.com Tax US I Incent CPA
Payout: $16.00 / cpa
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Categories: Financial Services
Network: Aragon Advertising
Last Updated: May 14, 2021
Countries: US
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E-File.com Tax US I Incent CPA


Geo: U.S. traffic only

Conversion: Offer converts on user purchase, which occurs just before they gain access to their completed tax return for printing/filing

While toolbar and contextual traffic is permitted, affiliates must ensure they DO NOT target visitors already on the www.e-file.com website in any way. Furthermore, all publishers must blacklist the domain e-file.com including all subdomains and file folders from their advertising (for example www.e-file.com, e-file.com/faq/, etc...). Failure to comply will result in the removal of the publisher. If the publisher's ads are found to be triggered when a user is on E-file.com, it will result in scrubbing of all their commissions.

No coupon or discount code other than those made available inside the affiliate program may be used in any marketing.

Direct linking in search campaigns is not allowed.

Trademark and trademark plus bidding is NOT allowed. No bidding on e-file.com, irsextension.com, e-file com, www.e-file.com, e-file, irsextension com or www.irsextension.com. These keyword phrases should be added as negative matches to your campaigns.

Affiliates should not use URLs containing e-filecom, e-file-com, e-file_com, wwwe-file, www-e-file, www_e-file, irsextensioncom, irsextension-com, irsextension_com, wwwirsextension, www-irsextension, www_irsextension or e-file as the entire domain (such as e-file.info, etc).

Do not make mention of free state filings or free tax extensions in your creatives or on your website. Do not make guarantees or claims that are not supported by the E-file.com website.

Do not send email unless you have received prior permission to do so. If you are interested in sending email, please contact us.

Affiliates may not present themselves as the merchant or impersonate the merchant or its employees in any way.

Affiliates are granted a limited license to use and display the logos and other intellectual property provided within this affiliate program. No logos or trademarks other than what is provided within this program may be used without prior permission. Affiliates must only use supplied banners for banner advertisements or have affiliate designed banners pre-approved by E-file.com.

Any web site or content that is illegal, obscene, pornographic, shows nudity, indecent, offensive to the average reasonable person, threatening, abusive, libelous, defamatory, discriminatory, promotes racism, bigotry or hatred; infringes on any intellectual property right or is otherwise in violation of any copyright or trademark law; in violation of any right of privacy; that promotes harmful, unlawful, seditious, or criminal activity; that could give rise to civil or criminal liability; that contains viruses, worms, Trojan Horse or other harmful files; or that appears to be from someone other than the merchant or that impersonates another person or entity is strictly PROHIBITED from this campaign.

The advertiser takes attempts to generate fraudulent tax returns and/or purchases extremely seriously. Any attempt to produce fraudulent return(s) will result in immediate termination and REVERSAL OF ALL COMMISSIONS. Further, the advertiser may be required to turn over information regarding such events to the U.S. Treasury so they may pursue charges.

Aragon Advertising

Aragon Advertising is a performance marketing network founded in May, 2012 with a global advertiser base and direct campaigns across a wide range of verticals.

Our approach to affiliate management is to build personal and transparent relationships with our affiliates. We believe strongly in creating valued partnerships with publishers based on shared interests and mutual growth over the long term. We put this into practice by focusing our creative, technical, and sales resources toward our publishers’ direct needs. Be it unique landing pages, creatives, private white labels, conversion funnels, host and post campaigns – our capabilities are vast enough to manage most requests in a timely manner. Similarly, our business development efforts are focused on the verticals and traffic sources our affiliates excel in. We'll actively be seeking out new advertisers that fit your business model and we have a high success rate in closing deals.

At Aragon we understand that a network must facilitate the business of its affiliates. Interested in testing a new traffic source? We can provide insights into what works well, and can even introduce you to an account manager to help set you up.

Sign up to our network today at http://www.aragon-advertising.com/join/?ref=1224.

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