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Offer Name: FXVC - PL (PL), [CPA]
Payout: $464.15 / cpa
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Categories: Business / Investment platforms / Forex
Network: MyLead
Last Updated: Oct 21, 2021
Countries: PL
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Do you want to start your adventure with the foreign exchange market? Check out FXVC, a modern platform based on state-of-the-art methods for estimating financial risks. FXVC will help you become familiar with the necessary information for working in the stock market and provide you with better insights into the strategy of researching and monitoring financial risks.

FXVC also supports a better understanding of business and financial psychology; it will also increase the efficiency of your actions. Undoubtedly, the key element of the activities is the immense flexibility and the ability to undertake collaboration on key market segments.

Just three steps are enough to go even deeper and more effective in the financial market. All you have to do is register on the platform's website, take part in a trading session and start investing.

Join the group of people promoting financial business within the FXVC affiliate program! The program is addressed to a Polish audience and is settled in the CPA model. The initial rate is $477.68.

Update: The brand FXVC is excluded from the campaign. Instead, the customer will be redirected to the brokers belonging to FXVC. These are e.g. Margin Elite and NiroTrade. It is recommended to avoid advertising the name of a specific broker, because there is rotation on a tracking link - different clients on the same landing page may find different brokers.

Available landing pages:
Bitcoin Evolution (default)
Bitcoin System
Qprofit 1
Qprofit 2

Validation terms:
Validation of correct leads with a deposit takes place every week. In the event that the end-user shows little active and the lead is not qualified by the advertiser, the process is repeated for the next two weeks. After three weeks of not qualifying, the lead will be rejected.

More about the specifics of finance affiliate programs can be found on MyLead's blog! Original affiliate program offer here


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