World of Tanks (MultiGeo), [CPA], Entertainment, Games, Client games, game

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Offer Name: World of Tanks (MultiGeo), [CPA], Entertainment, Games, Client games, game
Payout: $7.84 / cpa
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Categories: Entertainment / Games / Client games
Network: MyLead
Last Updated: May 13, 2021
Countries: 66 Countries
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World of Tanks (MultiGeo), [CPA], Entertainment, Games, Client games, game
World of Tanks (also known as WoT) is a multiplayer online game based on events taking place between 1930 and 1960. The product was developed by the Belarusian company Wargaming. World of Tanks is based on the freemium model. This means that some parts of the game or its components require an additional user fee. It is based on live gameplay between users.

World of Tanks affiliate program is focused on effectively promoting this very product with global reach. The activities are based on the CPA model.

Registration commission:
GR: PLN 9.00.
RO: PLN 7.50
LV, LT, EE, HR, IL, SG, TW: PLN 6.00
RS, ES: PLN 4.50 BG: PLN 3.60 IT, PT: PLN 3.00
GE, PE, AR, CO, CR, GP, GF, MQ, HT, PR, UY, GT, CU, MF, BO, HN, VE, BL, CL, SV, NI, MX, DO, EC, TH, TR: PLN 2.10 MY, PH: PLN 1.50

Rest of the world:
0.45 PLN
Commission for log in:
AU, CA, US, NZ: PLN 24.00.
AT, DE, CH, JP, KR: PLN 22.50 NL, SE, FI, DK, NO: 19.50 PLN
BE, FR, GB, IE: PLN 13.50 SK, CZ: PLN 10.50 HU, PL: PLN 9.00

Commission for active players:
AU, CA, US, NZ: PLN 30.00.
AT, DE, CH, JP, KR: PLN 27.00 NL, SE, FI, DK, NO: PLN 22.50 BE, FR, GB, IE: PLN 18.00
SK, CZ, PL, HU: PLN 12.00.

Commission for returning players:
CA, BE, PL, KR, NZ, AT, FR, HU, US, SE, GB, SK, AU, IE, NL, FI, DK, JP, CZ, DE, NO, CH: 0.45 PLN

Rates may vary depending on the US dollar exchange rate


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