View HUD Foreclosures (US) (Monday - Thursday) (Trial) (Personal Approval)

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Offer Name: View HUD Foreclosures (US) (Monday - Thursday) (Trial) (Personal Approval)
Payout: $10.00 / cpa
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Categories: Home Improvement
Network: Encyl Digital
Last Updated: Mar 28, 2023
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View HUD Foreclosures (US) (Monday - Thursday) (Trial) (Personal Approval)


All Creatives and Landing Pages(s);MUST be sent for Approval.

All EMAIL and Display Creatives for all NON-INCENT Offers require approval.

INCENT Offers do not require Creative approvals.

DO NOT go live with any Offer or start sending Traffic until your Affiliate Manager approves your Promotion Materials as unapproved materials will result in NON Payment.

NO Incentivized Traffic (Unless Specified)
NO Craigslist Traffic
NO Backpage Traffic
NO Blogger Traffic
NO BlogSpot Traffic
NO Adult Traffic - (Unless Specified)
NO Trademark Infringement - (Search Traffic)
NO Spam - (Must be CANSPAM compliant for Email Traffic)
NO Copyrighted Materials Allowed
NO Pirated Content
NO Fake/Misleading Campaigns
NO Spamming, Craigslist Baiting
NO use of the word “Free” or implying the user has “Won”
NO Forced Installs, No Malware, No Spyware
NO Forced Clicks
NO Fake Pop Unders or Overs
NO Auto Redirects
NO Bots


In the case of 3rd party Publisher Traffic, you are also bound to observe and follow the terms and conditions under this contract.

Chargebacks for the previous month's activity will be confirmed by the between 15th and 25th of the following month EOD. If any chargebacks are warranted, a Chargeback report will be emailed to you, unless there is direct fraud then a chargeback report does not need to be provided by your Account Manager

All Chargebacks will be communicated via email. If any of the above terms are violated you will be blocked from this offer or have your account banned from the Network and forfeit any payments.

TIming: Monday - Thursday (EST)

Email Instructions:
Subject Lines:
Browse HUD Foreclosure listings in {geo variable} during our 7 day trial.
Buying a home may be more affordable than you think. View HUD Foreclosures.
Search HUD Foreclosures to find homes well below market value.
Find HUD Foreclosures in {geo variable}. Search for free.

From Lines:
View HUD Foreclosures; HUD Foreclosures, HUD Property Listings, HUD Property Search
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Encyl Digital

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Payment Threshold: $100
Payment Terms: Weekly (if you qualify), NET 30
Payment Methods: Wire Transfer, Payoneer, Paypal & Bitcoin

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