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Last Updated: Oct 16, 2021
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Macpaw WW

MacPaw is a Ukrainian software company with a headquarters in Kyiv, Ukraine. The company develops and distributes software for macOS and iOS. MacPaw started in 2008 with the flagship product, CleanMyMac, a comprehensive set of tools to clean and optimize a Mac.

Today, MacPaw has more than 10 software products, including Setapp, Gemini, and ClearVPN, serving more than 30 million users worldwide. Every fifth Mac on Earth has at least one app by MacPaw. And we’ve already paid out $9 942 183 commission to our affiliates.

We are very conscious about the integrity of our ads and the way our brand is represented. We also want our affiliates to get a share in our growth. That’s why we came up with this little guide that covers the dos and don’ts of working with MacPaw’s offers. If you have any further questions, please reach out to your Admitad affiliate manager. 


About CleanMyMac X

CleanMyMac X is an all-in-one app for Mac cleanup and maintenance. The app is localized to 13 languages.

Our current motto is “Make sure you can trust your Mac.” As we spend half of our day in front of the computer, our whole life depends on having a productive Mac. And that’s where CleanMyMac X comes in. It keeps any Mac organized and running fast for many years to come.

How do we differ?

  • Crystal-clear Apple-inspired design. “IF Design Award” 2020 for Best designed Mac app.
  • We are safe and notarized by Apple (not many Mac cleaners are).
  • CleanMyMac X cleans 49 types of computer junk, offering a more comprehensive cleanup than similar tools.
  • For example, we delete unused apps, unused DMG installers, and certain types of cache files that altogether take up gigabytes of space.
  • CleanMyMac X offers every Mac user a personalized cleanup tour. There are machine-learning tips and suggestions based on how you use your Mac. 
  • We have millions of fans whom we turned on to Mac decluttering. They come to us for the experience. Like one user said, we are “red Tesla among other Mac cleaning tools.”

What do we offer to our affiliate?

  • Starting from a 35% RevShare commission for each sale.
  • Boosted rates for special and broad coverage promo campaigns.
  • Custom terms for content affiliates.
  • 180 days cookie period.
  • A range of creatives, custom banners, and landing pages upon request.
  • 96% approval rate and an extremely low % of refunds - users love their experience with MacPaw’s software.

Prohibited traffic sources and tactics

General restrictions: 

  • Extensions, toolbars, browser helper objects, shopping assistance applications, etc.;
  • Cookie stuffing, fraud, spamming, cybersquatting, typosquatting, cloaking, doorway, and other blackhat tactics;
  • Incentivized traffic;
  • Coupon traffic;
  • Adult traffic (both mainstream and adult);
  • Push-notifications, inpage push, pop-, click- under and other intrusive ad formats;
  • Paid search campaigns in Google Adwords*;
  • Paid search campaigns containing MacPaw trademarks in other systems;

*, macpaw, www.macpaw,, cleanmymac, clean my mac,, www.cleanmymac,,, cleanmypc, clean my pc,, www.cleanmypc and/or any misspellings or similar alterations of these, be it separately or in combination with other keywords are forbidden.In addition, combinations with + coupon, + discount and similar key phrases are forbidden as well.

Also good to know:

Do not apply if your website currently promotes or may in the future contain sexually explicit materials, violence, discrimination, controversial political topics, and/or is otherwise used for illegal activities.

You must comply with FTC's Endorsement Guidelines, which means that you must have a reasonable basis for any endorsements and product reviews that you publish. We do not tolerate unfounded critical comparative reviews and any form of disparagement of our competitors’ products.


Allowed traffic sources

Please note that even if the traffic source is listed, that doesn’t automatically confirm your campaign. Please reach out to the affiliate manager beforehand for approval.

  • Native Ads: Taboola, Outbrain, MGID, FreakOut, Revcontent, and others;
  • Display Ads - Banners, Interstitial, Rich Media, Video Ads, etc.;
  • Facebook/Instagram Ads;
  • Google Display Network;
  • Email Traffic: The publisher should first approve the email copy and design with us. Additionally, we prohibit the use of unsolicited commercial email (UCE), postings to non-commercial newsgroups, and cross-posting to multiple newsgroups at once. All the newsletter subscribers' email addresses must be double opt-in contacts, and all promotions must comply with FTC and GDPR. 

Creatives Guidelines

While creating your ad copies, please look at brand messaging: pick the benefit you like and try to play with current trends (Apple Events, new macOS, or iPhone releases). You may be writing a piece of content for your website or running native ads but remember - maintaining relevant, high-quality creatives and copywriting is always more effective and establishes more robust engagement. If you need a custom piece of content: a banner or a landing page - let us know, we’ll eventually come with suggestions.

We don’t tolerate the following ad copies approaches:

  • Controversial ads with strange, odd, or peculiar imagery;
  • Sexual in nature, sensational, shocking, or outrageous ads;
  • Spam-like “must,” “have to,” “need” call to action;
  • Words in uppercase;
  • Exaggerated claims - don’t play with “Find and delete 500 Gb of your Mac clutter with this tool”;
  • False or misleading claims - don’t play with “Your Mac is running slow” or “Your Mac is infected with five viruses”;
  • Offensive words in any language;
  • Poor grammar;
  • Redundant wording;
  • Excessive punctuation;

and unfair methods:

  • Blind navigation tools: avoid placements that can encourage accidental clicks;
  • Content disruption by ads;
  • Websites that collect users’ personal information to distribute that information without a user's consent;
  • Websites that causes an automatic download of any spyware, malware, or software applications;
  • Websites that contain any code that interferes with a user's control of the site;
  • Using various funnels’ URLs (smartlink) that redirect users to landing pages that: a) do not match the landing page that we approved for distribution b) are not otherwise in compliance with our guidelines.


Admitad Affiliate

Admitad was established in 2009 and currently, Admitad Affiliate Network serves over 2,000 advertisers and cooperates with over 800,000 publishers who brought more than 162 million target actions on Admitad customers’ websites in 2020 alone.

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