CPS - Indonesia

Offer Details:

Offer Name: CPS - Indonesia
Payout: 0.70% / Revenue Share
Preview: Preview Landing Page
Categories: Marketplace
Network: vCommission
Last Updated: Mar 23, 2023
Countries: ID
Run Offer CPS - Indonesia is an e-commerce platform built upon a big dream: to lead Indonesians to enter a new digital lifestyle and give only the best shopping experience.

Conversion Flow:
* User clicks on the tracking URL.
* User makes a purchase.
* Postback fires here.
* Payment will be made only for conversions meeting KPI.

Tracking Information:
Frequency - Real time
Cookie Duration - 30 Days
Web - Available
Mobile Web - Available
App - Available
Deeplink - Not Available
Multiple Conversions - Available
Validation Window - 60 days

Promotion Methods:
Display banner - Allowed
Blog - Allowed
Media Buying - Native - Not Allowed
Media Buying - Social - Not Allowed
Media Buying - Search Generic KWs - Allowed
Media Buying - Search Brand KWs - Not Allowed
Media Buying - Search Brand + Generic KWs - Not Allowed
Media Buying - Display - Not Allowed
Telegram / Whatsapp Groups - Not Allowed
Reseller - Not Allowed
Toolbars / Extension - Not Allowed
Mobile app - Not Allowed
Coupon / Deals - Allowed
Cashback - Allowed
Email - Not Allowed
Meta search - Not Allowed
API/Data filling - Not Allowed
Influencer - Not Allowed
Partner Network - Not Allowed
SMS - Allowed
Social media - Allowed
Youtube - Not Allowed
Push Notifications - Not Allowed
Pop Traffic - Not Allowed
Content Lock - Not Allowed
Smartlink - Not Available
Sale Amount Currency: IDR (Indonesian Rupiah)
ADV_SUB: Order item ID
ADV_SUB2: Main category
ADV_SUB3: Order ID (could have more than one order item id)
ADV_SUB4: Last Category
ADV_SUB5: SKU number
Missing sales process: - Not Allowed

Payout: Below category wise
Category Commission
Handphone & Tablet 0.70%
Olahraga & Aktivitas Luar Ruang (Sport & Outdoor Activity) 2.80%
Kamera (Camera) 0.70%
Mainan & Video Games (toys & video games) 1.40%
Komputer & Laptop (Computer & Notebook) 0.70%
Peralatan Elektronik (Electronics) 0.70%
Home & Living 2.10%
Otomotif (Automotive) 0.70%
Kesehatan & Kecantikan (Health & Beauty) 2.10%
Ibu & Anak (Mom & Kids) 1.40%
Tiket & Voucher (Ticket & Voucher) 0.70%
Bliblimart 0.70%
Galeri Indonesia 0.70%
Fashion Pria (Men Fashion) 2.80%
Fashion Wanita (Women Fashion) 2.80%
Mobil & Motor (Car and Motorcycle) 0.00%
Digital Product 0.70%
Jam Tangan 0.70%
Logam Mulia (Precious Metals) 0.00%

Detailed KPI:
1. Reseller activity is strictly prohibited.
2. Advertiser will not be paying any commission for orders above the capped limit for a specific user.
Product Type or Product Category Limitation
1 Handphone and Tablet Maksimal 2 unit per bulan
Maximum 2 unit per month
2 Peralatan Elektronik (Kulkas, Tv, Mesin Cuci, Setrika) Maksimal 2 unit per bulan
Electronic Home Appliance Maximum 2 unit per month
3 Air Humidifier & Purifier Maksimal 2 unit per bulan
Maximum 2 unit per month
4 Kamera Maksimal 2 unit per bulan
Camera Maximum 2 unit per month
5 Komputer & laptop Maksimal 2 unit per bulan
Computer & Laptop/Notebook Maximum 2 unit per month
6 Tiket dan Voucher Maksimal 5 unit voucher per bulan
Ticket and Voucher Maximum 5 unit per month
7 Minyak Goreng Maksimal 5 unit per bulan
Cooking Oil Maximum 5 unit per month
8 Otomotif (alat elektronik mobil) Maksimal 5 unit per bulan
Automotive (car electronic accessories) Maximum 5 unit per month
9 Kursi dan Meja Anak Maksimal 5 unit per bulan
Table and Chair (furniture) for Children Maximum 5 unit per month
10 Mainan dan Video Games Maksimal 5 unit per bulan
Toys and Video Games Maximum 5 unit per month
11 Susu Maksimal 10 unit per bulan
Milk Maximum 10 unit per month
12 Gula Maksimal 10 unit per bulan
Sugar Maximum 10 unit per month
13 Lain-lain Maksimal 10 unit per bulan
Others Maximum 10 unit per month

3. • You may not bid on any of the terms or variations in paid search ads.
• You may not use the name or any of its variations in pop-ups and pop-unders, as the name of your newsletter, in retargeting campaigns, in your app push notifications ads, or in wrong or misleading messages.
• You may not use methods such as cookie stuffing.
• You may not promote in any sexually explicit materials, violent materials, libelous or defamatory materials, or any illegal activities.
• You may not promote if you employ discriminatory practices, based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age.
• You may not use a link to which includes a redirecting link, that is generated or displayed on a Search Engine in response to a general Internet keyword search query, whether those links appear through your submission of data to that site or otherwise.
• Toolbar is prohibited.
4. Sale Amount for the Digital Category has been capped to Rp 100,000, to be eligible for commission.
5. Commission of orders via Credit Card Payment from Digital category will be 0%.
6. Cancelled sales won't be paid for.


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