Rail Nation [DOI] RU + Many GEOs

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Offer Name: Rail Nation [DOI] RU + Many GEOs
Payout: 0.10-2.80EUR / lead
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Categories: Online Games / Browser & Client Games
Network: Admitad Affiliate
Last Updated: Sep 27, 2022
Countries: 23 Countries
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Rail Nation [DOI] RU + Many GEOs

Rules for working with the program:

  • Test limit before receiving feedback: 150 registrations (for any period of time) *;
  • KPI: RR 2 days after registration at least 20%
  • TA: Men 25-55 years old.
  • Mobile traffic is prohibited.

A bonus scale with increased payouts has been introduced! Conditions: KPI: RR 1 day after registration at least 20%. Upon receipt of more than 100 high-quality registrations from Russia from one webmaster, he will receive a bonus + 20 euro for every 100 registrations.

Join the affiliate program - "Rail Nation"!

Rail Nation is a strategy game with a unique themed genre that gives each player the chance to create their own railroad company through smart strategic and economic steps to success.

What attracts users to the game "Rail Nation":

  • More than 50 different cities on a 3D map;
  • The basis is a simple city, you can turn it into a real metropolis;
  • Eleven types of buildings at the station;
  • 294 levels, more than a thousand productions;
  • The ability to create railroad associations (up to 25 players) to develop a common strategy of rivalry with other players;
  • Possibility of researching new steam, diesel and electric technologies;
  • The right to choose your own, the most profitable routes;
  • The right to choose the place of delivery of goods, achieving the maximum economic effect, the possibility of investing additional resources.

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