Winorama | IT (CPL)

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Offer Name: Winorama | IT (CPL)
Payout: $5.00 / cpl
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Categories: Casino & betting
Network: Leadbit
Last Updated: Oct 05, 2022
Countries: IT
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Winorama | IT (CPL)

Languages: Italian
Paid Target - SOI Registration
cap 20
Statistics display: delay up to 5 minutes

If you're running the offer with APPS traffic, please state android/IOS in the sub5 parameter. If you're using another source, please leave sub5 empty.

Hold and limits:

  • Hold period for the newly joined partners - 30 days;
  • Hold period for the verified partners can be reduced up to 3-7 days after the test;
  • The test conversion limit is a 50 registrations daily(test results would be better if the test limit (leads) has been sent over a short period of 3-7 days).

The existence of Social Registration - no.
Number of registration fields - more than 3

MANDATORY FOR ALL WEBMASTERS\PROMOTERS: before you start sending leads, carefully read the terms of the offer and stick to them, or please do contact your personal manager and work out the individual conditions, sources and approaches. Otherwise, you are solely responsible for your own work and its result.

We strongly recommend you to save the screenshots/captures of your own advertising, so in case of uncertainty of the traffic quality on the advertisers’ side, we should possess an argument to obtain a positive result in a controversial situations.

Offer Target Audience - both gender, age 30-60.

It is REALLY IMPORTANT to target a suitable audience with an average or high monthly income, people who regularly make purchases online. Do not allow targeting for an unemployed, insolvent audience who may look for easy money online.

It is STRICTLY forbidden:

  • to target an audience under 18 y.o.;
  • 100% target for insolvent audience, by interest categories: earnings, work from home, quick/easy money and the likes;
  • To indicate the minimum deposit amount in creatives,
  • To use phrases which motivate audience to make even the minimal deposits;
  • Motivated traffic;
  • BUX traffic;
  • Misleads (false promises);

WON’T BE paid:

  • Traffic which falls under the aforementioned forbidden category;
  • Traffic with no activity/Low-productivity traffic - completely absent of rates and/or repeated deposits;
  • NON-test traffic that does not meet the offer KPI;
  • Player’s multi-accounts, test conversions and fraud.
  • Traffic that has brought at least 5% of the initial deposits would be paid. If the deposit amount of deposits is less, traffic will be put on hold and no payout will be made.


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