HOMER Learn-to-Read Program US, UK, CA, AU, IE, NZ, SG, ZA

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Offer Name: HOMER Learn-to-Read Program US, UK, CA, AU, IE, NZ, SG, ZA
Payout: 16 USD / sale
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Categories: Education / Services / Other
Network: Adpump
Last Updated: Apr 10, 2021
Countries: 8 Countries
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HOMER Learn-to-Read Program US, UK, CA, AU, IE, NZ, SG, ZA

HOMER’s mission is to provide the best educational start possible by offering personalized, fun, and proven learning products for children ages 2-8.

We know that when you invest in early childhood education, your child’s chances of success increase — not just in school, but also in their broader lives.

Our learning experts understand that when children are allowed to explore their interests and passions, they become curious, motivated, confident learners who are ready to take on the world. Our proven learning programs are designed by experts, research-based, fun and engaging, and easy to use.


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