Surfshark VPN (AU) (Trial) (iOS Only)

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Offer Name: Surfshark VPN (AU) (Trial) (iOS Only)
Payout: $2.00 / fixed
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Categories: Software
Network: Adexico
Last Updated: Feb 09, 2023
Countries: AU
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Surfshark VPN (AU) (Trial) (iOS Only)

Requirements: Customer needs to install an application and submit for free trial.

Restrictions: Creatives need approval, No adult content, No app discovery, No copyright infringing websites, No email marketing, No forced redirect, No google adwords, No icon drops, No illegal websites, No incentivized traffic, No network rebrokering, No pop traffic, No push notifications, No SEM / SEO brand bidding, No social traffic, No bot Search/Branded Key


Adexico is an International Affiliate Network with the most profitable conditions for our partners. We are trusted by thousands of clients because we work honestly and decently.

Reasons to work with us:
Easy to start
1500+ offers for all Geos
A dedicated manager and Support 24/7 around the globe
Reliable and Real-time tracking
Wide range of verticals
Weekly payments for trusted affiliates
Special rates for high volume publishers
Get tips for maximizing conversion
Referral program 5%

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