Crypto Engine

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Offer Name: Crypto Engine
Payout: $750.00 / CPA
Preview: Preview Landing Page
Network: Avaz
Last Updated: Oct 27, 2021
Countries: 17 Countries
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Crypto Engine

Crypto Engine is a unique high-tech funnel that leads your traffic directly to one of the multiple trading brokers. It has numerous landing pages that are automatically chosen depending on the geo of your user and the promotion method you use - email, push, pop, ads etc.

This smart funnel accommodates your traffic according to statistics of best conversions rates and highest payouts on the network: that's why with a simple tracking link you get an AI system that leads each client to individually chosen landing that guarantees the highest probability of FTD.

CPA Goal:
- Regulated: Min $250 deposit + 2 trades
- Unregulated: Min $250 deposit All traffic types allowed except incent and co-registration traffic.

Main Features: 24/5+Weekends Call Centers, 50+ Brokers working simultaneously, LeadBack to prevent duplicates.

Language supported:EN-DE

- picking up the phone
- min 27 years
- trading/working with the retention team
- don't make any self deposit
- no signals, co-reg, incent traffic - you will be banned


Founded in 2014 as a full-cycle marketing agency, today we are bringing our vision and experience to affiliate marketing.

Our absolute minimum standard is excellence and that will permeate all things we do, all the products we offer, and the way we treat our partners on every level.

Top choice of geo’s, one of the best platforms, call center on 10+ languages and professional support team - that what makes AVAZ network of choice.