IRS Tax Debt Relief Transfers Only US US | Pay Per Call Exclusive

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Offer Name: IRS Tax Debt Relief Transfers Only US US | Pay Per Call Exclusive
Payout: $80.00 / cpa
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Categories: Pay Per Call
Network: Aragon Advertising
Last Updated: Nov 29, 2021
Countries: US
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IRS Tax Debt Relief Transfers Only US US | Pay Per Call Exclusive

Helps consumers with $10,000 or more in IRS tax debt

Geos: All US

Traffic Permitted: Transfers only. No incent. Contact publisher manager for alternate campaigns serving inbounds.

NO payment for duplicate calls received within 7 days.

Pixel fires on > 120-130 seconds with 10k+ IRS tax confirmation.

  • $2000+/month income
  • Not already in any agreement with the IRS
  • Not already working with another tax firm
  • Not in bankruptcy
  • Owes $10,000+ to the IRS (no other state or local tax may be included in this total)
  • Any landing pages and ads that indicate a specific price of the product, that is not specifically provided in writing by an advertiser as “approved”, are prohibited from use and will lead to publishers facing chargebacks.

    Do not target any .gov domains. Callers should not believe they are calling the IRS.
    All traffic sources must be approved by your publisher manager

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