Pin-Up - Casino - PopUpReg - TR

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Offer Name: Pin-Up - Casino - PopUpReg - TR
Payout: $50.00 / cpa
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Categories: Casino
Network: AdCombo
Last Updated: Jan 28, 2022
Countries: TR
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Pin-Up - Casino - PopUpReg - TR

Vertical: Casino 
Flow: CPA, Webmaster gets paid for each First Time Deposit (FTD).; 
Minimal deposits per each payment method: 

KPI: See below 
Description: (contains, type, service description, etc.) 
LP is adopted to user's browser. 

Limits: Contact manager

Fraud of any kind will lead to immediate suspending the account without payout. 

Not allowed: Incent

!Important! Offer has multiple conversion types. Meanings: 
Initial - unpayable conversion, means sign-up/registration/form submit, for optimization purpose
Complete - payable conversion, means sale/first time deposit/etc, you can see revenue in targeting

There is a KPI on the offer! 
1. Second Time Deposits are to be here to fulfill the requirement of KPI! Time period checking - 2 weeks. 
100% applied for App traffic, other types of traffic - 70%
For instance, if there were 100 FTDs - it should no less than 100 Second Time Deposits!

2. The amount of stakes should be at least x3 times more than the amount of deposits. This info you can request from your account manager.

You can observe the number of second time deposits in the "Confirmed leads with loyalty goal" graph. 


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