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Offer Name: E-File.com
Payout: $17.50 / CPA
Preview: Preview Landing Page
Categories: Credit / Debt / Finance / Computers / Software / Tech / Shopping / Commerce
Network: Triad Media
Last Updated: Sep 21, 2021
Countries: US
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E-File provides users a quick and hassle free experience filing their taxes. This offer is seasonal and only active during tax filing months so do not hesitate in running this today. User Flow/Conversion: This offer converts on consumer purchase of product, either through credit card payment or deduction from return. Approved Media: Display, Search, Social, Inline Contextual, Mobile Search, Mobile Display, Mobile Social Guidelines/Restrictions: Direct linking is not allowed in search campaigns. No bidding on e-file.com, irsextension.com, e-file com, www.e-file.com, irsextension com or www.irsextension.com. These keyword phrases should be added as negative matches to your campaigns. Take precautions not to out bid us on the exact match keywords e-file, efile, irs e-file, irs efile, free e-file, free efile, e-file taxes or efile taxes. Affiliates should not use URLs containing e-filecom, e-file-com, e-file_com, wwwe-file, www-e-file, www_e-file, irsextensioncom, irsextension-com, irsextension_com, wwwirsextension, www-irsextension, www_irsextension or e-file as the entire domain using a domain extension other than .com (eg e-file.net, e-file.org, etc) Affiliates may not make mention of free state or extension fillings in creatives or on their websites or may any other guarantees or claims not supported by the E-file.com website. Toolbar and contextual traffic is allowed, but ensure it DOES NOT target the websites E-file.com or IRSExtension.com with any advertisement. This traffic must be disabled or blocked during the entire length of the time a customer spends on E-file.com or IRSExtension.com. If we suspect that a publisher is not complying with this, it will result in the removal of that publisher. If the publisher's ads are found to be triggered when a user is on E-file.com, it will result in removal of all commissions. Affiliates a not to target IRS stimulus program in any way. This means not targeting www.irs.gov as a URL target. In addition to keywords such as stimulus, tax relief, coronavirus, Covid-19, non-filers, impact payments, payment status, get my payment or where's my payment.

Triad Media

At Triad Media Inc., they believe ideas and understanding ultimately define success within the online advertising and marketing space. They offer a unique mix of experience, technology, innovation and strategic vision to help businesses understand their customers and drive revenues. What results is a bustling marketplace regularly connecting hundreds of advertisers with thousands of publishers.

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