BongaCams - Desktop/Mobile [WW] SOI

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Offer Name: BongaCams - Desktop/Mobile [WW] SOI
Payout: $78.00 / cpl
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Categories: Cams
Network: Cpamatica
Last Updated: Aug 15, 2022
Countries: 238 Countries
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BongaCams - Desktop/Mobile [WW] SOI

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Geo: WW

Atual list of payouts you can find here

Prohibited sources:

  • Spam traffic is forbideen
  • Incentivized traffic is forbidden
  • Social traffic is forbidden
  • Emailing is allowed only with previous consent

Popunder traffic is accepted

Tablets are considered mobile traffic


NO, CH - Desktop: 3.600USD

NO, CH - Mobile: 2.400USD

US, SE, UK - Desktop: 3.200USD

DK, AU - Desktop: 2.800USD

AU, AT - Mobile: 1.400USD

CA, DE, CZ, AT, BE, EE - Desktop: 2.400USD

E, FI, CA, DE, IT, UK, CZ, EE, GL, MC - Mobile: 0.800USD

RU - Mobile b.c.: 0.640USD

RU, JP - Desktop: 1.350USD

FR, FI, IL - Desktop: 2.000USD


UA, BY - Desktop: 0.200USD


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