Toluna Influencers (EU) (non incent) (DOI) (Android)

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Offer Name: Toluna Influencers (EU) (non incent) (DOI) (Android)
Payout: $2.21 / fixed
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Categories: android / cpl doi / direct offer
Network: AdSwapper
Last Updated: Jul 01, 2022
Countries: 6 Countries
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Toluna Influencers (EU) (non incent) (DOI) (Android)

Join Toluna, a global community of millions of Influencers sharing their insights about products and services of brands that matter to them.

How does it work ? It’s all about getting your voice into the right ears for instant rewards. Plus it’s easy and it’s fun.

Requirements: DOI = completed registration with verified email address


·No adult content, no cashback, no hard incent traffic, soft incent is ok, also fraud users are removed from payment every month.

·Geotargeting ~ only bring users from the respective Geo’s.

·If we see an unusual number of installs that might indicate fraud we will pause the sources that bring them.

·DOI events that appear in Appsflyer but do not exist in Advertiser panel will be considered fraud and removed from payment.


AdSwapper ( is a global affiliate network specializing in performance advertising for mobile and desktop with both incentivized and non incentivized traffic and offers. We have our own and operated apps along with a strong user base in Tier 1 countries, and we are actively expanding into the Asian and Latin American markets. AdSwapper offers an extensive inventory of hundreds of campaigns across various verticals and pricing models, which are continuously reviewed and updated to secure the best offers for our affiliates. Our Account Managers work closely with the affiliates to identify the top performing offers that match their traffic and help them achieve high conversion rates with competitive prices. We welcome affiliates with all experience levels and provide tools and support to help them monetize their traffic and grow their earnings.

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