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Timex US

We were rebel watchmakers with a cause. Established in 1854 as the Waterbury Clock Company, we turned a 300-year-old industry upside down. We stamped our gears out of metal, instead of carving them from wood. We made smaller, more accurate movements faster than ever before. In fact, even Detroit’s automakers were inspired by our assembly lines when the automobile became a thing.

By 1901 our movements fit in your pocket and cost just one dollar, ($35 in today’s dollars). We became the people’s watchmaker. They helped the trains run on time and helped settle the Wild West. When timepieces turned from fragile curiosities to durable everyday carries, even Mark Twain bought two.

The move to the wrist just took a little ingenuity and two metal bars welded to the sides of our smallest model

As the world entered the space age, our wound brass springs were replaced by counting the vibrations of a quartz crystal. These tiny electric movements meant you never had to wind your watch again, and our designers were no longer bound to the shape and size of a mechanical movement. The Q Timex series reshaped watches for a new generation.

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