FlyFin: 1099 taxes with AI - Android App CPE | US

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Offer Name: FlyFin: 1099 taxes with AI - Android App CPE | US
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FlyFin: 1099 taxes with AI - Android App CPE | US
Got a 1099 Tax Question For Our licensed CPA's? Download FlyFin AI's tax engine to get them started and start your 7-day free trial About: FlyFin is the world’s #1 A.I. tax engine built so freelancers, independent contractors and self-employed workers can keep more of what they earn. The FlyFin mobile first application, combined with our real-time licensed CPA chat, is the most user friendly app to file your taxes effortlessly, accurately, and hassle free. When users download FlyFin, our AI engine finds users’ maximum allowable expenses and deductions, connects them to our licensed CPAs in real time, and files their taxes all within 15 minutes. FlyFin provides effortless, accurate, and hassle free tax filing whether earners file annually, quarterly, or are refilling to recover overpaid taxes. FlyFin is not just for tax season, but is invaluable to users year-round for expense/deduction tracking, for quarterly or annual tax filing, and for refiling too.


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