Jeep Test Drive UAE - CPL

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Offer Name: Jeep Test Drive UAE - CPL
Payout: $8.00 / cpa
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Categories: Sweepstakes,Utilities
Network: Encyl Digital
Last Updated: May 14, 2021
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Jeep Test Drive UAE - CPL


Model: CPL

Geo: Oman Only

All traffic is allowed except social

Validation Criteria:

No manual form filling

No bot

No fake


End-user must be interested in the test drive/must have filled out the form

End-user must be contactable


Please note End date is 30th Nov. Kindly take it live asap



NOTE - Wrong SMS & Creative for Test Drive:: IMPORTANT


It’s been noticed multiple times that affiliate partners send unauthorized, un-approved SMS and unapproved email creatives to generate test drives. These messages are wrong and give out the wrong message to the consumer from the brand. This is not acceptable at all.

Starting from this month, if we come across any such lead which is generated via SMS or from wrong communication, even if it is just 1 lead, the campaign will be stopped immediately, invoice amount for that month will not be paid and there will be a penalty of 5 Lakh.

This has to be implemented with utmost urgency and seriousness.


Please Note:

This is to bring to your notice that the client has been facing a lot of issues of leads duplication from many vendors.

This is a strict mandate to make sure that whenever any lead is filled by your team for testing purposes, the Lead Name and Email ID should mention "TEST" as a term.

This is done for the call center team to distinguish the test leads within the actual leads.

Please make sure this is followed from now on.


Please Note –

  1. Please do not send any unapproved communication else we will not be responsible for the validations and will remove you from other campaigns too.
  2. Please use only attached creatives and above sender name & subject line. Please make sure no one play around with creatives, offers or subject lines or else client will reject entire leads.
  3. Incent Traffic, Adult Traffic, Disposal Email ID, Duplicate Registrations, Duplicate Mobile Numbers, Same IP Addresses, Same Devices etc. client will not be pay or else client will reject entire leads.
  4. Validation will be done on client’s final billable report


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