(18905) [WEB+WAP] Complete Vision Support - US - CC submit

Offer Details:

Offer Name: (18905) [WEB+WAP] Complete Vision Support - US - CC submit
Payout: $60.00 / CPA
Preview: Preview Landing Page
Categories: Nutra SS
Network: Rainmaker Network
Last Updated: Mar 30, 2023
Countries: US
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 (18905) [WEB+WAP] Complete Vision Support - US - CC submit
Offer Type: Nutra - Chronic Disease.
Traffic Cap:N/A
Target Market:Male & Female 18 - 65+.
Cost To Consumer: 1 Bottle- $44.1 USD 3 Bottles- $121.5 USD ($40.5 per bottle) 6 Bottles- $226.8 USD ($37.8 per bottle).
Goals:Sale - CC Submit
Payout Important Description: The default starting payout rate is being reflected in the payout tier section only.
Device Categories: Desktop + Mobile.
Allowed GEOs:United States.
Allowed Languages:English only.
Best Time To Send Traffic: 24/7.
Restricted Traffic Types and Segments: No classified ads, no offer wall, no co-reg, no drive-by downloads, no survey traffic, no pop traffic, no content lock traffic, no incentive or cashback traffic, no guided customers by a 3rd party or customers who are in direct contact with the traffic source or affiliate, no parked / redirect domain traffic, no bot traffic, no spamming, no ripe network coordination centre ISP traffic.
Conversion Dis-qualifiers: Invalid user info | Invalid order info | Fraudulent duplicated order | Invalid / Fraud credit check | Suspicious or Fraudulent User Activity.
Email Traffic - Terms & Conditions:
The partner account must be fully verified by our compliance team prior launching the campaign.
Cold email / Spam email - Not allowed
SMTP email method - Not allowed.
Must be in compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act regulations and requirements.
Must add the optout list provided by the Advertiser.
Using our direct link is not allowed - please use your own tracker and redirect accordingly or send it through a bridge page/ prelander which is preferable.
Must send us a screenshot of the partner's auto-responder account details which proves that he is the sole owner of the account.
Must send us a screenshot of up to date email campaign data which contains the date, open and click rates.
Must send us a screenshot of up to date 50 subscribers data which contains the subscription date and subscriber ip.
Must send us a screenshot which contains the total amount of active subscribers count in the partner's DB.
Must send us the email text copy / bridge pages / prelanders for approval.
Please tell us how you plan to promote the offer.
Additional Requirements: All banners and bridge pages should be approved in advance.
Fraudulent Activity: In the event that fraudulent activity has taken place, the media partner will be required to immediately identify and eliminate the fraudulent traffic source or content from the time notified (As an example, fraudulent activity shall also include, but shall not be limited to, any use of COVID -19 Pandemic / any use of public figure / celebrities / public groups or organizations without a proper and valid permission in writing to do so).

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