Hers, Inc. US

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Offer Name: Hers, Inc. US
Payout: $3.80 / fixed
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Categories: Retail, Health, Beauty
Network: CloudTraffic
Last Updated: Dec 11, 2023
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Hers, Inc. US

ForHers.com - Your body, your control.Let's level the healthcare playing field, shall we? At last - accessible, prescription based products delivered to address our biggest skin, hair, and sex concerns.Frustrated at how hard it is to get your new birth control pack? Let’s fix that. Have your skin concerns not been solved by a "beauty" cream? Prescription skin care is here to get to work. Low sex drive? That can be optional.We don’t have to tell you what you need, you know your body. Putting you first is now easier – and that’s a beautiful thing.


Vibrators - $3.8 per order

Valacyclovir Genital Herpes - $0.7 per order

Mental Health - $7.6 per order

Latisse - $7.6 per order

The Melasma Treatment - $5.3 per order

Non Prescription Items - $0.7 per order

Birth Control - $2.3 per order

The Acne Treatment - $5.3 per order

Addyi (Flibanserin) 100mg tablets - $2.3 per order

Collagen Protein Powder - $5.3 per order

Propranolol - $3.8 per order

The Anti-Aging Formula - $5.3 per order


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