BETOBET| IN/TH/MY/MA/ID $40 , VN $31 CPA, BR $70, CL/CO/MX/PE $65 (FTD, min. dep. $10))

Offer Details:

Offer Name: BETOBET| IN/TH/MY/MA/ID $40 , VN $31 CPA, BR $70, CL/CO/MX/PE $65 (FTD, min. dep. $10))
Payout: $40.00 / fixed
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Categories: Casino
Network: Neefla
Last Updated: Oct 02, 2022
Countries: 11 Countries
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BETOBET| IN/TH/MY/MA/ID $40 , VN $31 CPA, BR $70, CL/CO/MX/PE $65 (FTD, min. dep. $10))

Minimum deposit: $ 10

Target audience of the offer:

Men 23-45 years old - about 90% of the total target audience.

IMPORTANT:  target a solvent audience with an average or high monthly income that regularly makes purchases online, and avoid targeting a non-working, non-paying audience that is looking for easy money online. 


It is strictly prohibited:

  1. Target audience under 18;
  2. 100% target for a non-solvent target audience, by categories of interests: earnings, work from home, quick money and the like;
  3. 100% targeting a female audience without prior approval;
  4. Motivated traffic;
  5. Traffic from axle boxes;
  6. Mislead (promises in creatives of something that really does not exist);
  7. Contextual advertising for a brand without prior approval.
  8. Indicate the minimum deposit amount in creatives, use phrases that motivate people to make minimum deposits;
  9. Use well-known media personalities, athletes, politicians, singers, bloggers, etc. in creatives without prior approval.


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