(18090) [EMAIL] Altroconsumo - Multigift - IT - CPA

Offer Details:

Offer Name: (18090) [EMAIL] Altroconsumo - Multigift - IT - CPA
Payout: €20.04 / CPA
Preview: Preview Landing Page
Categories: CC Submit
Network: Rainmaker Network
Last Updated: Mar 30, 2023
Countries: IT
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(18090) [EMAIL] Altroconsumo - Multigift - IT - CPA
Promotion Allowed: Email marketing

Conversion Flow : Online-form submit. Submit the full sign-up form (total of 6 step). The customer provides personal and a credit card info and registers.

Allowed GEO : IT

BAT is obligatory, Please send EMAIL PROOF for approval.

Restrictions: Icon Ads, iFrame, Pop-Up / Pop-Under, PPV, Toolbar traffic, Co-Regs, Chat & IM, Cashback & Rewards, Display, Mobile app/ In app traffic, Mobile web traffic, Organic Social, Paid Social, Native, Push notification, SEM, SEO, SMS, Contextual, Adult, Fraud / bot, Incentivized

Use only the creatives provided by the advertiser. Please send your custom banners/pre-landers to your Account Manager for approval

Rejected sites : Adult content sites, Political sites, Racist or extremist sites, All sites promoting or displaying violence, Peer 2 peer sites (illegal downloads), Images Sharing Sites, Link farms, Sites, site owners or companies that have been identified as doubtful, Cashback Website

Creatives rules:
• Prior going live, all creatives must be submitted for approval.
• Never use the word gratis, gratuit, free or any synonym in the promotions.
• Never use unlimited acces, ongelimiteerde toegang tot het web, accès illimité web or any synonym.
• Expressions such as - You were especially selected or offer reserved in your name, Vous avez été sélectionné, u bent uitgekozen- cannot be used, It’s misleading.
• Never use the word « Evaluate » because it gives the feeling that’s only an evaluating period and not an unlimited subscription (will not stop automatically). Never give the feeling that subscription stops automatically. It stops when you ask for it to stop.
• Graphic materials such as the client’s logo, images, banners and layout can’t be replicated without authorization.
• It is absolutely forbidden to register and use domains containing the client’s brand.

Keyword Buying Policy:
The Affiliate will not buy the client brand(s) on Google, Bing or other networks, which is strictly prohibited.
Working on generical keywords is allowed, but ads must be approved prior to launch.

Email marketing Policy :
Mandatory Opt-in: The Affiliate Network recipients have to be all opt-in (or double opt-in) addresses. Moreover, the email will mention how the address was collected.
Mandatory Opt-out
E-mailers must mention an opt-out message and link in the e-mail (footer and/or header).
Recipients must have the opportunity to unsubscribe/remove themselves from the listing directly through the sent e-mail.
Affiliate should provide Rainmaker with the entire list of people who, after having received the e-mail, want to be removed and no longer contacted by the client.
E-mail sender identity: The sender must be the owner of the Database.
Direct e-mail marketeers affiliates may not use ALTROCONSUMO as their sender name (expressions like “promocion” or ”whatever”@altroconsumo.org. “[email protected]”, etc… are not allowed either). “ALTROCONSUMO by ” is allowed.
Gmail - Hotmail - Yahoo – Live,… addresses are not allowed.
Each template (specific or not) must display an Altroconsumo disclaimer: a message saying that Altroconsumo rejects any liability for any illegal use of personal data.

E-mail shoots :
E-mailers may not shoot the same DB with the same message in a time frame shorter than 3 weeks

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