ApplyDownloads Fortnite Season8 IT | 2-Click/PIN Submit

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Offer Name: ApplyDownloads Fortnite Season8 IT | 2-Click/PIN Submit
Payout: $2.40 / cpa
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Categories: Mobile Subscription
Network: Aragon Advertising
Last Updated: Oct 06, 2022
Countries: IT
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ApplyDownloads Fortnite Season8 IT | 2-Click/PIN Submit

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Pixel fires on 2-click for 3G / PIN on Wifi


TIM, Vodafone, WIND.

Traffic Allowed:

All Media Types applicable. For Incentivized traffic, please ask your Affiliate Manager for the correct OfferID.

Traffic Restrictions:

NO adult, no misleading, no spam, no fraud, no incent.

Geo: Italy

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