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Categories: Dating,Adult Dating
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Last Updated: Jul 24, 2021
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Why casual dating?
Unlike other dating platforms, we really have so many members looking for a match that you will definitely find a partner. Women here are looking for romance, friendships or long term relationships. Register now for free and have a look around - no obligation!

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Since everyone here is like-minded and wants the same, you will definitely find a partner at CasualDating. There are more singles out there than ever before. And everyone is really looking for someone and open to something new. You can chat with several women before meeting in person. In the chat you can get to know each other better, find a common language, and exchange photos. Because no one wants to waste time on personal dates where goals and chemistry are not true. Sign up now for free and view thousands of profiles without any obligation.

Tips for men
Do you know which partner you want? Do you want her to be there, preferably from the same city? Or would you prefer a long distance relationship - where you “don't need” to see each other “too often” so that you can basically get on with your normal life? Would you like to find a woman of the same age or is it important for a woman to be younger? What is more important to you: a woman's good and sexy appearance or character? Are you a supporter of the classical definition of roles between a man and a woman, or do you prefer a partner who would be a friend of equality? How important is sex to you and do you prefer submissive or dominant women? The better you know what your future partner should be like, the easier it will be to find him on CasualDating.

Tips for women
Do you understand what your Prince Charming should be like? Are you looking for a breadwinner or someone who works on an equal footing? Do you want your future partner to be more career-oriented or spend a lot of free time with you so that you can go deeper into your shared hobbies? Are you the one who takes the lead quickly, or should the man take the first step? Rather a kind gentleman or a daredevil? Use our chat and find exactly the partner you want.

No Spyware, spamming, adware, Incentivized and virtual currency traffic allowed!
The Partner can bid in search but cannot link directly to any campaigns or domains owned and/or managed by the Advertiser or the Billing Company in Google AdWords, Google Search, Google Search Network, Google Display Network, Yahoo!
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Best converting agegroup: 25+


Encyl Digital

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Payment Threshold: $100
Payment Terms: Weekly (if you qualify), NET 30
Payment Methods: Wire Transfer, Payoneer, Paypal & Bitcoin