CPS - India

Offer Details:

Offer Name: CPS - India
Payout: 2.80% / Revenue Share
Preview: Preview Landing Page
Categories: Marketplace
Network: vCommission
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2023
Run Offer CPS - India
HealthKart is an online health and fitness store for men and women, which offers fitness products, services and community to help consumers achieve their fitness goals. The Company sells authentic health supplements, fitness equipment, weight loss products, protein supplements, sports gear and wellness products.

Conversion Flow:
* User clicks on the tracking URL.
* User makes a purchase
* Pixel fires here
* Payment will be made only for conversions meeting KPI.

Tracking Information:
Frequency - Real Time
Cookie Duration - 7 days
Web - Available
Mobile Web - Available
App - Not Available
Deeplink - Available
Multiple Conversions - Available
Conditional tracking issue exists - Yes
Validation Period - 45 days

Promotion Methods:
Display banner - Allowed
Blog - Allowed
Media Buying - Native - Not Allowed
Media Buying - Social - Not Allowed
Media Buying - Search Generic KWs - Allowed
Media Buying - Search Brand KWs - Not Allowed
Media Buying - Search Brand + Generic KWs - Not Allowed
Media Buying - Display - Not Allowed
Telegram / Whatsapp Groups - Not Allowed
Reseller - Not Allowed
Toolbars / Extension - Allowed
Mobile app - Not Allowed
Coupon / Deals - Allowed
Cashback - Allowed
Email - Allowed
Meta search - Not Allowed
API/Data filling - Not Allowed
Influencer - Allowed
Partner Network - Allowed
SMS - Not Allowed
Social media - Allowed
Youtube - Not Allowed
Push Notifications - Allowed
Pop Traffic - Not Allowed
Content Lock - Allowed
Smartlink - Not Available
Sale Amount Currency: INR
ADV_SUB2: Coupon code
ADV_SUB3: Payment mode

Missing sales process: - Allowed
1. Affiliate shares Missing conversion till 10th of every month and add on here
2. vCommission shares the report with the advertiser
3. Advertiser check and confirm the status of the missing conversions
4. Valid conversions are approved at the time of validation

Detailed KPI:
1. Cancelled/Returned orders will not be payable.
2. The sale amount getting tracked on our end is inclusive of the taxes. The final payout will be calculated as per the actual sale amount (exclusive of the taxes) and will be provided at the time of validation.
3. There exist a conditional tracking issue on this offer. The client will share the status of the missing sales along with the source to which the sale is attributed. All missing sales attributed to vCommission are payable rest are not.
4. PFB the Commission Structure for 3PL brands with effective from 1st Jan 2023 till 31st Jan 2023.
Brands Couponic Sale Non- Couponic Sale Duration
3PL brands *list attached here for reference "click here" 2.80% 4.20% 1-31st Jan

Key Points:
* Affiliates will receive a 4.2% commission on orders for third party brands (such as ON, Muscletech, etc.) only if a coupon code is not applied. If a coupon code is used, the commission will be 2.8%.
* During this period, if any coupon code attached in the list is used, the affiliate will receive a 4.2% commission on those orders.
* Reports including the brand name and coupon redemption will be shared biweekly with affiliates for their reference.
* Affiliates need to share the missings on a biweekly basis so we can see the discrepancy and attribute relevant orders to them.
* As usual, the commission will be calculated on Post tax revenue.
* Affiliates are allowed to bid on brand keyword(s) of our 3rd party brands, with priority given to the brands list "click here"
* Please note the new commission structure is only for the HealthKart campaign.


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