MC GAUSSE – GR – CPA – knee pain – knee band - COD / SS - new creative available

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Offer Name: MC GAUSSE – GR – CPA – knee pain – knee band - COD / SS - new creative available
Payout: $15.00 / cpa
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Categories: Health
Network: Direct Affiliate
Last Updated: Jun 25, 2022
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MC GAUSSE – GR – CPA – knee pain – knee band - COD / SS - new creative available
Product niche keywords: knee pain, joint pain, rheumatism, knee injury, bones, cartilage, kneecap, gout, arthritis, osteoporosis, bursitis, knee band, senior, elderly Product form: knee band Offer type: COD (cash on delivery) or SS (straight sell) In-house offer. Very high average lead approve rate (60%-80%) due to an advanced, multi-touch funnel including intensive reactivation of unconverted leads. Optimized long order forms for desktop and mobile traffic generating higher EPC than short order forms available elsewhere. API available. Multiple landing pages available (constantly optimized via in-house traffic campaigns). Constantly optimized banner sets available. All types of traffic welcome. Cloaking is OK. No brand or custom/exclusive brand names available to high volume affiliates. Custom, on-demand creative sets (landing pages, banners, video ads) available to high volume affiliates. Private offers available if you are willing to test on 100+ conversions.

Direct Affiliate

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