Sofi Personal Loan NonIncent CPA WEB _WL

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Offer Name: Sofi Personal Loan NonIncent CPA WEB _WL
Payout: $42.00 / fixed
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Last Updated: Dec 07, 2022
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Sofi Personal Loan NonIncent CPA WEB _WL
CPA Flow: Funded Loan (Loan Disbursal) Restrictions: NO REBROKERING, NO INCENT, NO ADULT, No brand bidding, No email. Important to adhere to SoFi Code of conduct below: 1. Misleading offers: Publisher may not represent any offer for a SoFi Product in a deceptive, misleading or unfair manner. By way of example, Publisher may not: (a) state that an offer is "lower,” “free", at "no cost" or use similar phrases when there may be a cost to the consumer; (b) claim that a SoFi Product or service can do more than it promises, such as, marketing loan consolidation offers as fixing a person’s credit or eliminating debt without paying a portion back; or, (c) make a false claim about the performance of a SoFi Product. 2. You agree to follow and comply with the FTC endorsement guidelines and rules applicable to marketing by email and on social media sites or applications. The FTC Guidelines can be found at 3. Affiliates: Publisher may not engage or permit any affiliated company, sub-affiliates, resellers or advertising networks to promote or distribute information about the SoFi Products unless Publisher has received prior permission from SoFi. 4 . Third Party Services: Publisher may not violate the terms and conditions or guidelines of any third-party mail/communication service or system. This includes the posting of advertisements within user generated content(UGC) sites that may violate that service or systems terms of use. 5. Trademarks: Publisher may not use third party trademarks to direct traffic to the SoFi website in a manner that is confusing, tarnishes such trademark or implies an endorsement by, or association with, the trademark owner without the prior written consent of such trademark owner. 6. Images: Publisher may not use any person’s name, image or likeness (including celebrities) without such person’s prior written consent. 7. Other Content: Publisher may not use any third-party content (such as graphics, text, video, and audio) without the prior written consent of such third party, except to the extent permitted by applicable law. 8. Subcontractors: Publisher may not hire a subcontractor or other third party to perform material services on its behalf. 9. In the event Publisher is marketing a SoFi In-School Loan product, Publisher must comply with the prohibitions on revenue sharing with schools and co-branding contained in Section 140 of the Truth in Lending Act and Regulation Z. 10. Publisher must not charge consumers for providing information about SoFi and may not solicit, distribute or fill out applications for any of the SoFi Products. B. You are responsible for damages from your failure to comply. Failure to follow these restrictions by any Publisher can result in fines, law-suits, reputational damage, and losses


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