KW - WAP-YogaV1 - Oredoo

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Offer Name: KW - WAP-YogaV1 - Oredoo
Payout: $3.50 / cpa
Preview: Preview Landing Page
Categories: health & fitness / mainstream
Network: Mobrand
Last Updated: Feb 09, 2022
Countries: KW
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KW - WAP-YogaV1 - Oredoo


MOBRAND is a performance and adtech network with a strong background in the industry. With worldwide offers, dedicated CAPs, and competitive payouts, we have +500 direct and exclusive offers: CPA, CPL, and CPI/CPR models.

At MOBRAND, we understand that a network must facilitate the business of our affiliates. We want you to feel part of our family. Our dedicated team is ready to support you and give you the best insides 24/7, and our amazing bots Amy and Ted who can pass you feedback 24/7 regarding your traffic and help you with the most common account management tasks.

Transparency is our key goal, and that's why we have real-time stats available for you, where you can see and optimize all Data and make sure you have the best ROI.
We also have different tools like OfferTest, where you can test all your links and see the path, redirects, final client, etc. - make sure you don't waste a click!

In order to you can focus on running offers and not worry with cash flow, we accept the major payment solutions: Paypal, Payoneer, Wise, Wire, etc, plus on-time and fast payment terms.

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