DreamHost - CPA

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Offer Name: DreamHost - CPA
Payout: $170.00 / CPA
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Categories: Hosting
Network: Neflink
Last Updated: Mar 20, 2023
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DreamHost - CPA
PAYOUT STRUCTURES: $11Shared Starter MonthlyShared Starter Monthly – Intro Shared Starter Monthly - Intro Shared Starter Monthly – Intro$24Shared Unlimited Monthly, VPS 1GB Monthly, VPS 2GB Monthly, VPS 4GB Monthly, VPS 8GB Monthly, Shared Unlimited Monthly - Intro$40 Shared Starter Yearly, Shared Starter 3 Year, Shared Starter Yearly Shared Starter 3 Year $80 Shared Unlimited Yearly, Shared Unlimited 3 Year, VPS 1GB Yearly, VPS 1GB 3 Year, VPS 2GB Yearly, VPS 2GB 3 Year, VPS 4GB Yearly, VPS 4GB 3 Year, VPS 8GB Yearly, VPS 8GB Yearly, Shared Unlimited Yearly Shared Unlimited 3 Year $120 Shared Unlimited 3 Year DreamPress Standard Yearly, DreamPress Plus MonthlyDreamPress Plus Yearly DreamPress Pro Monthly DreamPress Pro Yearly$170Standard 4 Dedicated (Monthly),Standard 4 Dedicated (Yearly)Standard 8 Dedicated (Monthly) Standard 8 Dedicated (Yearly) Standard 16 Dedicated (Monthly)Standard 16 Dedicated (Yearly)Enhanced 16 Dedicated (Monthly)Enhanced 16 Dedicated (Yearly) Enhanced 32 Dedicated (Monthly)Enhanced 32 Dedicated (Yearly) Enhanced 64 Dedicated (Monthly)Enhanced 64 Dedicated (Yearly) Enhanced 16 SSD Dedicated (Monthly) Enhanced 16 SSD Dedicated (Yearly)Enhanced 16 SSD Dedicated (Yearly)Enhanced 32 SSD Dedicated (Monthly)Enhanced 32 SSD Dedicated (Yearly) Enhanced 64 SSD Dedicated (Monthly)Enhanced 64 SSD Dedicated (Yearly)


NEFLINK Is An E-Commerce Platform For Affiliate Marketing

We are the connecting platform among Advertisers, Affiliate Marketers, and online Customers through CPL, CPS, and CPI models. We provide superior infrastructure, technology, resources, and solutions to all our Partners. We help Advertisers optimize ROI, market effectively, and build or scale businesses with peak performance. We also help Affiliate Marketers generate the best commissions in the industry. Transparency, dedication, and quality over quantity are our mottos.


NEFLINK has many leaders with a background as an Affiliate for many years, so we know better than anyone what you need most. We advise and guide you every step of the way as you begin to become our Partner. We help you find the right target for any type of traffic, offer you different types of campaigns, and recommend you the best performing ad verticals and channels. Our dedicated, experienced managers will take care of any difficulties you may face.
We are here to help you generate as high revenue as possible!