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Offer Name: Neurohacker
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Last Updated: May 22, 2022
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The demand for nootropics — supplements designed to improve cognitive function — is exploding around the world. More and more people are looking to supplements to boost their brain health as modern life becomes increasingly complex. But most nootropics companies lack the science and research to prove their products are actually effective. Enter Neurohacker Collective. Meet a brand unlike any other with nootropic supplements (and the proof behind them) you won’t find anywhere else. The founders of Neurohacker Collective have an interesting and impressive background in cannabis, philosophy, technology, and more. They’ve put together a team of neurohackers that includes scientists, medical practitioners, and researchers to formulate supplements for peak performance, unlike anything we’ve ever seen. The best part? These scientists and medical professionals are all REAL people with REAL credentials you can view on the Neurohacker Collective website. If that’s not enough, Neurohacker Collective publishes the research behind every single thing they use. They only source non-GMO, highly bioavailable ingredients and use the most effective delivery methods, based on the research.


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