Revolut CPA many GEOs

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Offer Name: Revolut CPA many GEOs
Payout: 13.87EUR / sale
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Categories: Credit Cards / Financial Programs / Debit cards
Network: Admitad Affiliate
Last Updated: Sep 26, 2022
Countries: 249 Countries
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Revolut CPA many GEOs

Revolut offers banking services including a prepaid debit card, currency exchange, cryptocurrency exchange, and peer-to-peer payments. 

Banks will charge you when you spend or transfer money abroad. We’re not about that, and that’s why over four million people have switched to Revolut.

The Commission shall only be payable in respect of any Referral if each of the following conditions are met:

  • (a) For a Retail Referral, the referred person has: (i) signed up for a Standard, Premium, Metal or Plus plan using Your Affiliates’ Referral Link; (ii) successfully completed and passed Revolut’s onboarding requirements; (iii) transferred funds into their Revolut account; and (iv) completed a minimum of one transaction (funds transfer, ATM withdrawal, or currency exchange operation);
  • (b) The Referral has never been a Revolut customer before;
  • (c) The Referral has not already been referred by anyone else;
  • (d) The Referral has paid their monthly fee for the respective upgraded fee-paying plan (if applicable);
  • (e) The Referral has not breached any of Revolut’s terms and conditions;
  • (f) The Referral applies in one of the Promoting Countries.

Rates: here you can find rates - Revolut CPA rates

GEO: France, Slovakia, United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Iceland, Austria, Denmark, Belgium, Malta, Romania, Singapore, Luxembourg, Ireland, Faroe Islands, San Marino, Lithuania, Croatia, Switzerland, Portugal, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Australia, Spain, Italy, Liechtenstein, Germany, Czech Republic, Guernsey, Cyprus, Andorra, Estonia, Norway, Slovenia, Poland, Greece, Gibraltar, Hungary.

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