AR CO CL VE GR IN PE SK PL HU CZ TR CN PK TH LV KZ BY EE - AshleyMadison (Desktop & Mobile) - CPA male 30+

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Offer Name: AR CO CL VE GR IN PE SK PL HU CZ TR CN PK TH LV KZ BY EE - AshleyMadison (Desktop & Mobile) - CPA male 30+
Payout: $40.00 / cpa
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Categories: Mainstream Dating / Casual Dating
Network: Olimob
Last Updated: Nov 27, 2022
Countries: 19 Countries
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AR CO CL VE GR IN PE SK PL HU CZ TR CN PK TH LV KZ BY EE - AshleyMadison (Desktop & Mobile) - CPA male 30+
CPA / CPS Adult dating GEO: Argentina (AR) Colombia (CO) Chile (CL) Venezuela (VE) Greece (GR) India (IN) Peru (PE) Slovakia (SK) Poland (PL) Hungary (HU) Czech Republic (CZ) Turkey (TR) China (CN) Pakistan (PK) Thailand (TH) Latvia (LV) Kazakhstan (KZ) Belarus (BY) Estonia (EE) Devices: Desktop & Mobile Demographics: Male 30+ years old only, non incentive Promotional methods permitted: Display, Social Media, Native, SEO, Search (with keywords restrictions), Blogs, Review Sites, Pops, Push Notifications (prior approval required), In-App, Adult, Exit. Promotional methods not permitted: No Incentives, No Brand Bidding, No SMS, No Email. Restrictions: no incentivization, fraudulent traffic, any fake account signup details, any whatsoever type of caption pattern, default pattern or copy/paste pattern account signup details, incentive traffic, any form of SEM/PPC brand name bidding traffic, fake devices, or any other install fraud type, missing/stolen/refund/charge back cc, NO SMS traffic, NO EMAIL FOR NOW. Our banners only, we do not allow 3rd party creatives/text. If you want to send email traffic you need to agree on certain terms before allowed. Before you are allowed to do any send outs, we need to approve each and every final mailer templates with all it´s contents. Once we approve a unique template with its contents, you can send it out as many times as you wish (you can use your own templates or ours, we just need to approve every single one before the send-out), that said, no email marketing is allowed to be sent without my written approval on the final template in its final form. Affiliates are not allowed to bid on any variations of the AM brand name. This includes bidding on the term ‘ASHLEY” or “MADISON” with other keywords, e.g. “ASHLEY DATING” as well as any misspellings. When describing AM, focus on the following acceptable and unacceptable descriptors: ACCEPTABLE: Affair/hookups/Sex/Sleep with/Bang, Wife/women, Discreet/open minded, Best (or other subjective comparison), Meet. UNACCEPTABLE: Escort/Prostitute, Girl, 100% Free*/Safe/Secure, #1 (anything), Fuck. “100% free for women seeking men” is the exception to the rule. In terms of visual assets used when promoting AM, stick to the following images: - Soft core (no penetration, no extreme genital close-ups) - Edgier verbiage (see “Acceptable” glossary) but not extremely graphic - No violence - No underage/teen - Non-exploitative


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