*Private* FreeCreditClick [US] (Email Only) - CPA {Email Proof Required - Subid Approval Required)

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Offer Name: *Private* FreeCreditClick [US] (Email Only) - CPA {Email Proof Required - Subid Approval Required)
Payout: $40.00 / cpa
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Categories: Credit Score / Credit Report / Credit Repair
Network: SmartAdv
Last Updated: Feb 07, 2023
Countries: US
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*Private* FreeCreditClick [US] (Email Only) - CPA {Email Proof Required - Subid Approval Required)
FreeCreditClick.com - Free Triple Bureau Credit Report / Credit Monitoring Product.

- SHORTEST form of ANY Credit Report offer in existence

- New offer has SMALL suppression file

- Extremely high eCPMs and EPCs of $2+ Restrictions: Our offer cannot be associated with any of the following without prior written approval:
o Non Email Traffic o Job, home or any other listings on craigslist.com o “Job Path” traffic is also prohibited regardless of the traffic source including search. o Sites offering government assistance including unemployment benefits, social security benefits, disability benefits, section 8 housing, and food stamps. o Text messaging, personal web pages or social media o Paid search marketing on Google, Bing or Yahoo o Pay per click email marketing o Auto-responder emails to a posting of any kind o Co-registration path offers o Incentivized offers including content unlocking o Credit repair or attorney websites o Pages not in English o Third party trademarks or intellectual property (including logos) o Making the purchase of our product a condition of obtaining any other product or service o Serving as the last step or final step in a crosssell for a related product. o Requiring consumers to enter credit information in order to proceed in a related offer.
You may not use, purchase, acquire or utilize any pay-per-click, contextual or any other marketing utilizing the terms “Free Credit Report”, “Annual Credit Report,” “annual report,” “annual credit,” “FACT Act,” “FICO”, or any other terms or misspellings of these, or any term that claims or infers, that our offer is associated with the annualcreditreport.com site. Do not use the word “Free” or “Annual” in the same sentence as the word “Report”. You may not use the names or trademarks of any credit rating bureau.
You must at all times comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations, including the CAN-SPAM Act. You may not send unsolicited spam. If we waive these guidelines by act or omission, then that will not be deemed a waiver of any of your preceding or subsequent activity.
Contextual Advertising (CPV / PPV / PopUps / InText): Do not bid on or use any contextual advertising on the website of any financial institution, which includes banks, credit unions, credit card providers and investment management websites, and any others we direct.
Do not use any of the following on any landing pages or marketing materials: o Security breach or ‘account has been compromised’ language o Source URL or Website Name of the placement being bid on (example, “ABC.COM Visitor”) o Address the consumer as if landing page is associated with the website (example, “Dear Visitor”) o Source company’s name, trademarks or logos, or color or design scheme o Indications that the product being offered is a promotion or endorsement from source URL
Bidding on the following placements (or any variations) are forbidden: o FreeCreditClick.com o Transunion.com o Transunion.c o Transunion.co o TransUnion com o Transunion co o TransUnion c o Experian.com o Experian.c o Experian.co o Experian com o Experian co o Experian c o Equifax.com o Equifax.c o Equifax.co o Equifax com o Equifax co o Equifax c
Any violations of these guidelines may result in non- payment on traffic. Fake/false celebrity ads/endorsements are strictly prohibited


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