iGameBang SOI tier1

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Offer Name: iGameBang SOI tier1
Payout: $4.20 / cpa
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Network: Leadbit
Last Updated: Oct 08, 2021
Countries: 4 Countries
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iGameBang SOI tier1

Top Performing Countries:

Australia, United States, Canada, United Kingdom

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Conversion Flow - FREE JOIN (SOI):

  1. 1User follows the click to action
  2. 2User completes single page signup
  3. 3User receives a confirmation email to activate his account and gets access
  4. 4Payable action triggers

Additional Information

Target Audience

Male, 30+

Top Promotional Methods - Pop, Display, push

Device - Mobile, Desktop / Web

Vertical - adult gaming



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- Simple lead forms
- Stable and high payouts
- Testing and optimization promo
- Your personal manager helps you with any question

GEO: Europe and around the world

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