Mostbet Betting | IN (no base) (CPA)

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Offer Name: Mostbet Betting | IN (no base) (CPA)
Payout: $20.00 / cpa
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Categories: Casino & betting
Network: Leadbit
Last Updated: Apr 19, 2021
Countries: IN
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Mostbet Betting | IN (no base) (CPA)

Attention! Do not use photos, images, mentions in your creatives, pre-landing, approaches and ways of promoting Mostbet:
• politicians, diplomats, officials
• celebrities, actors, music artists, presenters, bloggers, artists
• religious leaders, churche ministers, objects of religious cults
• historical figures
If you ignore this simple rule, we will be forced to block your account.

Paid goal: FTD

Minimal deposit: 300 rupees

Test cap: 50 FTDs

Hold: 7 days (antifaud checkup)

Stats: registrations (new), first deposits (approved/confirmed).

Allowed sources: any reliable source (social, banner, apps, etc), has to be approved by the manager.


- no incentive traffic

- no fraud, multiaccounts

Attention! After the antifraud checkup, the advertiser has the right to decline all the leads in case any fraud was found.


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Publisher Benefits:
- Simple lead forms
- Stable and high payouts
- Testing and optimization promo
- Your personal manager helps you with any question

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