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Offer Name: FreeScore360
Payout: $33.00 / CPA
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Categories: Credit / Debt / Finance / Miscellaneous / Computers / Software / Tech
Network: Triad Media
Last Updated: Apr 19, 2021
Countries: US
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Get Your Scores & Credit Reports from All 3 Bureaus, Instantly! User Flow/Conversion: Valid CC submit from consumer. Guidelines/Restrictions: NO SEARCH, job traffic, any government benefit sites such as section 8 or grants, forums, craigslist or similar classified listings, user cannot be mislead into signing up, cannot be incentivized, cannot be a requirement to sign up as a required or forced condition of another step such as for a loan, or to receive another product as a condition of the credit sale, cannot use deceptive marketing practices, falsify information, No incent traffic that includes but not limited to virtual currency, points, offerwalls, prizes, content unlocking, or any other incent method. Affiliate cannot ask for user logins and passwords as this is a risk for identity theft. No trademark infringement, no PPV traffic, No traffic over bank sites or financial institutions, cannot use messaging that is misleading, uses messaging along the lines of a bank breach or recent credit score change, etc. Do not market using the words Free Credit Report or Annual Credit Report or any variation thereof.

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