Debt - Long Form Lander - D3 - Email - New Nov 2020- UK

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Offer Name: Debt - Long Form Lander - D3 - Email - New Nov 2020- UK
Payout: £20.00 / cpa
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Categories: Debt
Network: Pina Media
Last Updated: Aug 17, 2022
Countries: UK
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Debt - Long Form Lander - D3 - Email - New Nov 2020- UK
**Call centre open Mon - Thu 09:00 - 20:00 + Fri 09:00 - 17:00 " **We will accept leads within these times only. However, we will accept a further 10% outside of these times as residual traffic. Weekend traffic will fall within, and so should not exceed, the extra 10% **The pixel will fire a successful conversion on customers who have £6,000 or more debt + 2 or more creditors **We will not accept incentivised traffic or redirects from loan websites **We will offer volume caps to affiliates each Friday for the following calendar week. If you're unsure of volumes available to you, please ask **Starting the campaign without prior communication to us may mean leads produced are not accepted **Rejects with a 5% cap i.e we will still cover 5% of rejected leads that come back to us, anything above that will be rejected. We will review all suppliers rejects case by case and will have the right to reject the following leads: • Dead numbers 

- I.e no ringtone after multiple attempts by the sales teams over several days. 

 • Hoax leads 

 - E.g Mickey Mouse, David Beckham. 

Emails that don’t match the name of the enquiry and in the case of getting through to the individual, they are unaware of an application being made. 

Leads coming from the same IP address and do not respond to being contacted. 


- If we receive a lead for the same market multiple times in a 90-day window. Before any new publisher comes onto supply traffic we need to complete some compliance on them, by filling in a short document before we go live with any traffic. If they're a social/display/native supplier, we'll need to see the ads they're posting, including imagery, headline/copy and any prelanders/advertorials that might be used. If they're an email supplier, we'll need to be made aware of the data collection point and be named on the Privacy Policy, as well the market they are mailing out to. If you have any new affiliates coming on, we'll need to sign them off in the same way. It's only a few questions for each so won't take long.

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